1 Nozzle Home Unit Kit (BUHU1)




Product Description

£1,100 + Vat and £45 + Vat UK Delivery (3-5 weeks shipment)

This kit is made to be added onto the foundation of a sound draft beer system (not included in the kit).  The dispenser is not responsible for foamy beer. 99.99% of our commercial tech calls are related to warm beer, over-carbonated beer, or CO2 pressure issues. By purchasing this kit you are agreeing to become versed in how and why draft beer behaves the way it does and to never blame the dispenser for the occurrence of foam. 

That being said, the kit replaces a traditional faucet, it is very simple to assemble and use.  Our dispensers are notoriously reliable and easy to operate.  Not only will you get higher keg yield and faster pours than traditional draft, but you will also have a great time doing it.

Micromatic.com has MANY great resources for you to learn about draft beer, as well as it is a great place to pick up all of the components needed for the draft system leading up to your Bottoms Up dispenser.

The provided mounting disc does not include a method of securing the nozzle.  Easy install and a cleaner dispenser are why we highly recommend the Drain Pan and Drip Tray.

By purchasing this kit you acknowledge that it is to be assembled and installed by the user.  GrinOn Industries takes no responsibility for the execution, application, or success of the purchaser.  GrinOn Industries tests each nozzle and control panel to assure functionality before shipping.  After shipping we release all responsibility for functionality.


Nozzle & Control Panel

40 Bottoms Up Cups

Mounting Disc

Power Supply

Insulation Tape

Installation Instructions & Cut Template

Cooling Kit

Assembly hardware



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