Kegerator 1000




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**Due to high demand and holiday orders any additional orders will not ship until mid February**

£1,850 + Vat and £95 + Vat UK Delivery (3-5 weeks build and shipment)

Here it is, as seen on the Gadget Show!! The Bottoms Up Kegerator 1000 or BUK 1000 is the star of our home unit line.

We have taken a regular Kegerator and supercharged it with a Bottoms Up Dispenser.  The question you must ask is not “Should I buy it?” but “Am I ready for the greatness that will be thrust upon me when my BUK 1000 arrives??”

The BUK 1000 comes assembled and ready for use (user must fill CO2 tank).  The fridge fits a standard 1/2 barrel keg and uses an American Sankey (D System) keg tap.  The fridge is 5.2 cu. ft. with black and stainless steel styling.


Kegerator with Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser

40 Bottoms Up Cups

We have chosen the Danby Keg Cooler as the foundation of this conversion.  It was our choice for its cost effective price point and simple design.



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